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Children generally respond favorably to praise and encouragement to make good decisions. It is KidTime™ 's policy to focus on positive behavior. There are other times when behavior warrants correction. In the interest of safety for all children visiting KidTime™, individuals who are exceptionally aggressive will be asked not to return to KidTime™ until there is a significant improvement in their behavior.

Check In & Check Out
A completed registration form is required on the first visit to KidTime.  The information provided on these forms is important for your child's welfare. When checking out you will receive a summary of the charges for the stay. Program hours will be debited automatically and any additional charges will be due at the time of service. If program hours are exceeded, the additional charges will be billed at the drop-in rate. Please note that children will only be released to persons noted on your Registration Form or designated in your KidTime profile. A picture ID is required in order to pick up a child. KidTime strictly abides by this policy. Please make sure your Registration and Profile information is accurate.



You will be required to provide us with current phone numbers so that we can contact you while your children are KidTime.


Each person employed with KidTime is dedicated to providing a clean well cared for facility. This is part of everyone's job. If there is ever an issue with the facility, please let the staff know so immediate action can be taken.


Healthy Children
It is KidTime's strict policy NOT to accept children who are ILL. Reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard children against illness. Your cooperation is required in not asking us to care for your children when they are sick. Please do not take your child to KidTime with a cold, sore throat, rash, cough, diarrhea or pink eye. Do not take a child who has had a fever or has vomited in the past 24 hours. If a child becomes sick during the course of their stay, the child will be separated from others (within eyesight and hearing of our staff) and the parents will be contacted immediately. Parents will be expected to pick-up their sick child in a prompt manner. KidTime's staff has first aid training and will administer to minor cuts and bruises when applicable. In the event of a medical emergency, your child will be transported to an appropriate medical facility by the local emergency unit for treatment at the expense of the parents.


The state of North Carolina requires childcare facilities to have each child's immunization records as well as a health care summary on file. In order to use KidTime services, parents are required to complete the immunization/health summary form.


KidTime is not required to be licensed under North Carolina law G.S. 110-86. (2) b


Personal Items
KidTime is not responsible for personal items including but not limited to clothing, shoes and toys. Personal toys, blankets or other items are NOT allowed past the check in desk into the play area. Items left at the facility will be stored in a lost and found box and disposed of after 30 days.


Safety and Security are of the utmost importance to everyone at KidTime. Our facilities and policies are designed with this in mind. All KidTime staff members are certified in infant and child First Aid and CPR. Each employee of KidTime has had a complete background check completed prior to hiring, including criminal and employment screening.  Our staff is comprised of trained and experienced childcare professionals. The facilities contain surveillance cameras in multiple locations. A photo ID is required in order to pick-up a child. Additionally, a child will only be released to persons designated on Registration Forms or in your KidTime profile. Complete emergency procedures are on file at every location.


Parents may bring a bag lunch or opt for meals provided by a local restaurant for $4 apiece, a menu is provided at check in.   Please make snack request upon checking your child in. Snacks are provided free of charge.  Any food allergies your child might have should be noted on your registration form and in your KidTime profile.


Special Needs
Please make KidTime aware of any special needs your child requires. Each child should be able to play independently within our staff ratio and without extra assistance. KidTime does not discriminate.


Toilet Training and Diapering
Many young children are not fully toilet trained. If your child is in this category, please bring all necessary supplies such as disposable diapers, training pants, diaper wipes and additional change of clothing. Our staff will change any child who has an accident and each child will be given toilet training encouragement when possible. Additional charges for diapers and clothing supplied by KidTime.














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