Enrollment Process

Color my world with the magic of a child, Crayola smiles and watercolors run wild. Mold me a memory, Draw me a dream, The glitter-the sparkle, The little eyes gleam. Sweet and innocent wishes unfurled, Pick up your palette and color my world.

  • Monday- Thursday: 8:30am to 9:00pm (We will close at 7pm, if no children in facility)

    Friday: 8:30am to 11:00pm (We will close at 8p, if no children in facility)

    Saturday: 9:00am to 11:00pm (We will close at 8p, if no children in facility)

    Sunday: Closed


    We will be closed to observe the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day (call for hours), Halloween (open daytime-call center for details.), Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Socks are required for all kiddos.  Each child will have a “cubby” in the lobby for shoes. We also have a dedicated area next to the changing station for a diaper bag. Please supply us with at least 5 extra diapers and wipes for your child’s visit so we can change appropriately. Our staff does a diaper check and change on a schedule throughout the day, in addition to spot changes when needed. If your child is potty training please also bring extra clothes for your child. See center for our potty training practices. With the young children we do allow a soft ‘lovie’ or small ‘blankie’ for comfort while at KidTime. For safety reasons we DO NOT ALLOW ANY OUTSIDE TOYS in our facility. Personal electronic are permitted and monitored in our facility. Please understand we have children here as young as 15 months.  All of our play toys are safe for all ages! Everything needs to be labeled with your child’s name.  KidTime Drop-In Center will not be responsible for clothing or other personal items brought to the center.
  • A charge of $1.00 a minute per child will be assessed to parents who leave their child beyond regular closing time.
  • For the safety of your child and security reasons, there are certain regulations governing the arrival and departure of each child.



    To expedite your first visit, please register your child(ren) before you arrive. On your first visit we will confirm all of your registration information. Your child will be checked in by a staff member.  Once your child removes their shoe and wash hands a staff member will buzz your child in and they can play!


    Parents, please do not escort you child into the play space. If you want to tour we are more than happy to do so, but our insurance prohibits parents from being inside the play area without a KidTime staff member.



    During check out/payment you will be given the exact amount of minutes used on the visit.


    A KidTime staff member will buzz your child through the secure door.


    Only listed authorized persons with photo I.D. will be allowed to pick up/drop off your child.   If someone other than the parent or guardian were picking up the child he/she would be released to the people listed in the registration only after photo I.D. has been seen. In situations of custody agreements, the center will follow the advice of court ordered documents.


    All monies owed to KidTime are paid at check-out.