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What are KidTime's hours of operation?
Our hours vary by location please check the hours at the location you wish to use to make sure they are open. 
What are KidTime's Rates?
For current hourly rates and package prices, please contact your local KidTime center.
Are there minimum/maximum time requirements per visit?
There are no minimum stay requirements. There are no maximum stay requirements as long as the service is not used for employment related activities.
What type of activities are available for the children?
Kids will enjoy a variety of activities including:
•  Structured group activities and lessons (during the day only)
•  Creative Play
•  Approved video games and movies
•  Special Events.
Is KidTime a licensed childcare facility?
KidTime is not required to be licensed under North Carolina law G.S. 110-86
Where do I get more info on KidTime?
To get more information regarding KidTime please call your local KidTime Center or stop in for a visit. We would love to meet you and your children.
How Can I Register to Use KidTime
To Register Online click here.













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